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IC AR* Bosques Vikingos Zsa Zsa

Father: IC DK* La Forêt's Valiant   &   Mother: AR* Bosques Vikingos Dolce Vita

Zsa Zsa was the first cat of the breed that we chose and bought. That happened in 2008, when we started our cattery. We've fallen in love with her since the first photo of her we saw. She had two litters as a queen, and goes to show sometimes.

She was neutered on 2011, and since that, she lives very happy and retired at our home. Over the years she underwent a transformation, from a very shy cat to an affectionate cat, including visitors.

She loves climbing people's lap to knead and purr. She spends her days in front of windows watching people and birds on the street. She is a very skillful huntress. Lovingly nicknamed of "Véia", she is very healthy and energy of a kitten.

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