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NW IC BR* Miadore Hera

Father: Ch NO* Migoto's Mikkel, JW    &   Mother: GIC SE* Youngun's Enya

She was born on December 2011. She got out attention since her birth. We decided to keep her in our home. With few days of life, we discovered that her color was "blue silver" instead of "black silver" as we believed. On that very same day, we were watching the movie "Rio" and on that moment, she got the nickname "Ararinha azul" (Blue parrot).

When taking her to shows as kitten, she always performed good: either she was nominated or was BIS. Not surprisingly, she became National Winner, the Cat. 2 youngster that scored most in Brazil 2012.

She is always with us, following us everywhere, especially when we go to the shower (she loves seeing us brushing our teeth or bathing). She likes to receive affection on her head, purring loudly with joy.

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