NW SP BR* Miadore Mingus, DSM

Father: IC SE* Harley Honey's Blackline   &   Mother: SP SE* Migoto's Karoline, DVM


 Mingus is our eternal kitten. He loves to play and "ambush" all cats at home. When there are puppies at home, he goes crazy and play with them "on an equal basis", he really has no idea about both his size and weight, but he always cares for everyone.

He is very playful with Enya and Hera, sometimes, too much for a breeding female, but his best friend ever is Porque Sim. Mingus takes care of him since he was a kitten, staying, sleeping, licking, playing and eating with him all the time.

Mingus is one of the most important MiAdore's cat at FIFe's Show. He has been BIS several times, becoming the first Norwegian Forest Cat DSM in Brazil.

In two Scandinavian Winner Show (Sweden/2015 and Helsinki/2016) he was both BIV and Nominated. At the World Winner Show in Vienna/2016, he was Nominated!

He loves to travel and stay in hotel with us. He is one of the most lovable cats in our home.

Danieli Zanoni Cypriano, ME

CNPJ: 35.081.865/0001-60