Z Litter - 12/Jan/2018

Kittens will be available by mid of May 2018

GIC S* Utblicken's Viggen & IC S* NC's Funny Funny

Neg/Neg Pk-Def & GSD-IV


        On hold: we are evaluating if the kitten will go to breeding;

        Available: searching new tutors;

        Reserved: New owner setted.

BR* Miadore Zíngara

Sex: Female

Color: f 24 (Tortie spotted tabby) 

BR* Miadore Zoraide

Sex: Female

Color: f 09 22 (tortie 

blotched tabby and white)

BR* Miadore Zenaide

Sex: Female

Color: f 09 24 (Tortie 

spotted tabby and white)

BR* Miadore Zorba

Sex: Male

Color: d 09 22 (red blotched tabby and white)

Danieli Zanoni Cypriano, ME

CNPJ: 35.081.865/0001-60