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MiAdore's Companies Partners

A,ll starts with hight quality food. With a superpremium complete line, the Royal Canin is the perfect partner. And our cats love it!

Progato is the best litter sand we ever used in pour cattery: our cats love it, little powder, almost zero odour, safe for the cats and light weighted.

Exclusive clients of the "Arca de Noé" Pet Hospital since  2013, our cats just have to thanks all professionalism, care and attention routinely dispensed.

With natural, safe and palatable products, the Organnact offers and broad line of prebiotics, probiotics and nutritional supplements. Our cats are grateful.

Perfect products to shower Norwegians, without harming their fur or skin. Since 2010 we use Royal Shower products in our cats.

For a safe and easy international trip, we use Vidok's services to book hotel, flights, and the cat's  reservation. 

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