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CH S_NC's Funny Funny with her 5 kittens _3 _3

IC, S* NC's Funny Funny

Father: SC S* Eärfalas Dante, DVM   &   Mother: IC S* NC's Cry Wolf, DM


On February 2012, was born in Sweden our "Fanfinha". In September of the same year, our friends and breeders, Barbro and Inger came to Brazil to bring her to our cattery. She was born at NC's Cattery, owned by Susanne & Peo Zobel.

Very acrobatic, she can jump higher than any other cat in our house. Extremely graceful and skillful, she sneaks through the most unlikely places, without overturning anything, totally imperceptible.

She also likes to be a "wet nurse" for kittens of other queens: she needs just 3 or 4 days for her to start producing milk, to care and educate the kittens until they leave our home.

She is a very confident cat, that very often welcomes visitors with her tail up, trembling with joy.

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