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GIC S* Utblicken's Viggen

Father: S* Utblicken's Pysen   &   Mother: IC Isgården's Vinka, DM


In September 2012, our friends and breeders, Barbro and Inger, came to Brazil to bring personally Viggen. He was born in Sweden, at Utblicken's cattery of Ylva Ehrenbåge. 

When he arrived, he was the younger and smaller at home, so, he was nicknamed as "Lindo Pequenininho" (Tinny Little Beauty). As the time passed by, he developed so fast, ending up as the biggest cat at home, now, renamed as "Vigão". 

He is a very friendly and calm cat. He loves to stay in anyone's lap, be petted, have shower and play with his best friend Blackline.

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