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GIC, S* Youngun's Enya

Father: IC SE* Rockringen's I want a dog   &   Mother: SE* Rockringen's Look Sharp

On October 2010, was born in Sweden our "lick-lick" queen, the "Tetênia". In April 2011, we went to Sweden to meet and get her. She was born at the Youngun's cattery, owned by Kerstin Karlzon.

With a very calm behavior, she does not like mess. She loves to exchange affection: while she is petted, simultaneously, she gives us a "tongue shower". Every morning, she "dominates" our bed and doesn't let anyone be on. She just relax after receiving her traditional 5 minutes of morning caresses.

With a very strong body, she is the heaviest queen in our home, weighting seven kilos on average.

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